Watch, Cook, and Eat
(Disclaimer: This week I made the mistake of thinking I was assigned Currently Watching. So for one week only enjoy two Currently Watching for the price of one. )

Over the winter break, I had a lot of time on my hands. Usually, when I am this free, you can bet I am going to spend my time in the most unproductive way possible.

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At first, this was true. I was recovering from a delicious Christmas family dinner that supplied leftovers for a week. I searched across multiple streaming services to find a tv show that would keep me company for the next couple of weeks. Something that would give me a sense of actually completing something worthwhile.

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That is when I fell down the dark hole that is Gordon Ramsay’s television empire. I watched it all. Hell’s Kitchen, The F Word, Kitchen Nightmares, MasterChef, and MasterChef Junior. For the uninitiated, Gordon Ramsay is an award-winning chef from England. He hosts multiple cooking competition where chefs are competing for either money or a job working for him. He’s also an asshole. An asshole that I couldn’t help but be entertained by and ultimately respect. He is famous for his fits of rage towards the competitors in his cooking competitions.

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However, for every angry outburst, there are those moments of encouragement and respect.

giphy (33)

I laughed at some of the contestant’s misfortune and cheered for my favorites. I will even admit that Season 3 of MasterChef filled me with so much emotion that I cried. That is the season where Christine Hà became the first blind contestant and winner. It was incredibly moving to see someone who used what some would consider a liability and really turned it into an asset.


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yes chef

The most important way that these shows affected me was by inspiring me to start cooking. It is so easy and convenient to just order delivery. Last year when the writers of the Boylanblog had an end of year potluck, I just ended up ordering sushi. I really regretted not being able to cook something for the staff to enjoy. I am taking baby steps in my home-cooking journey. Since the start of February, I have been averaging about two home-cooked meals a week. I am a long ways away from being a MasterChef but if I can just cook good food while saving money and impressing my partner, I’ll be happy.


Brayan De Los Rios Guisao

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