A Cloudy Epiphany

There are cosmos’ filled with things we never had a chance to say – pulsating stars acting as voiceless words – guiding us back to our child, labyrinthine selves.

Just as our inexperienced, childish minds haphazardly searched for the right things to say to only find darkness, so do our adult minds – to only find silence.

A myriad of stars, gone dark, akin to a myriad of voices, gone mute.

But what do we do, what do we do when we hear a voice that never had a chance to speak, and it’s the one voice you know best – yours. Do you welcome it, or do you turn it away… Do you fear its potential, or do you grasp its reality.


You do both.

You fear its reality while grasping its potential.

The potential of a sunrise.

The fear of a sunset.

Of a warmth that chills you.

Of a silence that deafens you.


Because if not… you will be nothing more than

A voice, circling a lost mind, screaming to be heard, like a sun, circling a black hole, radiating to be seen.



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