I got a weird package in the mail on Wednesday—but I want to preface getting into that by saying that diverse religious (and non-religious) literacy is just a simple, inextricable part of enjoying our common humanity. That said, I welcome religious debate—warranted, reasonable debate, at least. Ok, enough with the pleasantries—here’s what happened:

A white plastic envelope. No sender information. Addressed to “Maryam Choudhary or current resident.” Inside—a book: 5 Amazing Muslims Touched by God by Faisal Malick. For a second, I thought it was cool—maybe my local mosque sent me this. And who doesn’t appreciate a free book? But a quick Google search revealed a lot—this book was some unsolicited bullshit: a horrid, deceitful piece of propaganda about Muslims who “found God” in Christianity.


Maybe you think I’m being too dramatic. Maybe you think I’m responding to a harmless package with too much aggression. But f’real—this book is creepy as all heck. Who sent this? How’d they get my address—my school address that I virtually never give out? And why are they trying to bamboozle me into reading this book? Why not just be upfront about its motives? Who’s bank-rolling this distribution project? Is Faisal Malick even a real person?

These are my questions—and I have no answers. All I know is that a lot of people have taken to the internet to describe their anger in receiving this book—and their subsequent satisfaction in throwing it in the garbage.

Read for yourself (or not–I’m not sure about the quality of this photo):


The bottomline here is that I appreciate the bold and the sincere—and I am severely disturbed by the underhanded and the shady. I would very much like to excluded from this bizarre conversion culture. 😛