Hello everyone!

Welcome to another week of the one and only Boylan Blog!!

Trumpets with a red banners isolated on white.

Okay okay hold the applause there are plenty of announcements to get too, and I am sure you guys want to read all of them.


On Monday, Sigma Iota Alpha is holding their Self Love event. It shall be located in Bedford Lounge of SUBO at 6 up until 10. If you would like to practice your self love skills, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!


On Tuesday, there is a whole bunch of events going on, but you should know there will be an extra dramatic student government meeting on the second floor of SUBO during common hours. You can show up and see me chewing on popcorn.


There will also be a Swab Drive tabling by Gift of Life in Whitehead during Common hours as well. You should definitely come through. You swab your cheek and they put you in their registry and there is the potential that your bone marrow is a match for someone that is dying. Ten minutes out of your day to potentially save a life? Sounds like a pretty good deal to me


On Wednesday, there shall be an important talk about Rape Culture from 6-10 PM in the Maroon Room back at SUBO. It’s a truly important topic so I would consider it


Conversely on the more happy side, there will also be the bi annual Pie an Alpha in Glenwood Lounge in SUBO from 5-7. The proceeds go to charity and the pie goes on their face!


Thursday the Excelsior will have a bake sale, and they are critically low on funds so we should totally all go and try to help them out. There are a bunch of events happening too, heres a screenshot.

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 5.54.10 PM

Last but not least, we have Friday’s Bold Women Bold Tech event where the Women in Computer Science Club shall be hosting their Womens History Month themed event. This one is an entire day long, from 9AM-5PM in the Penthouse of SUBO, and they survive breakfast and lunch. Sounds like a great deal for an amazing event!


Enjoy reading our blog readers,

May the posts cheer you on as your midterms do not.


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