I don’t know what it takes for society to accept someone as an artist. Honestly, I don’t know what it takes for society to accept someone as a person. But, I do know that individually we can each handpick the things we like (whatever the reason may be), and in turn, have them define us (which in turn partly defines society). This is something that makes all of us unique, an important aspect of a society striving to develop, the presence of uniqueness and the absence of sameness. Needless to say, whether or not someone has been accepted by society as an artist, nor whether or not they have been subjected to the many pressures of scrutiny and critique should there creations be considered any less grand or less imposing. Why? Well, I’ll argue that it’s simple really. Every artist shares that impulse, or yearn, to bring to material that which they dream or don’t dream, that which they feel or don’t feel, that which feeds their hunger or hollows their fantasies, lights their darkness or darkens their light. Simply put, every artist has an incentive, even the moments of spontaneity, the ones most free from form or design, resolve to be just that, spontaneous.

All in all, with that being said, here are some creations from someone that society might simply call a person, but I call an artist.

These are all untitled (as of now, or forever, only one person truly knows), but, that doesn’t mean I can’t give them their own temporary titles.

Red Eyes
That Wasn’t Funny
Collusion In A Dream


Fighting To Be Crumbled


The Ocean


2 Is An Odd Number


Bun Bun


Again, I want to emphasize the titles you see under the works of art are not legitmate. They are simply words of my choosing.

Oh, I almost forgot, the artist’s name is Andrea Elizabeth Peralta. Although originally from Ecuador, she has lived most of her life in the city of New York. She’s said to be found more times than not adventuring through the hidden gems of New York with a shimmer in her eyes and a drawing book in her bag. And, although elusive, she’s also been spotted on our very own campus! *cue spooky music*


Oh, I should also note I wrote a piece with this person in mind sometime last semester. It was titled Loving You (under the category of Poem of the Week), and I dedicated it to my girlfriend.


-Richard Gonzalez

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