Wine Not?

Paint and sip, the slogan for Pinot’s Palette, was the perfect birthday gift for my mom.  I recently visited a Pinot’s Palette and loved the experience.  This new trend combines those with a knack for painting and those for drinking, in one location.  While I ironically did not drink, I was certainly happy to dip my brush in paint.

I have always been interested in art, whether it be drawing or painting; however, I never seem to find the time to do these activities.  So, I was glad to be able to paint for the first time in a while and to have my mom with me, who is amazing at painting, but won’t admit it.  My youngest sister also came along and we enjoyed splattering each other with the tips of our brushes.

Upon beginning, I grabbed an apron, covered with colorful dried paint spots, and found a seat labeled with my name.  Along with my canvas, I received brushes and a palette of colors; I was eager to use the shimmery golden color.  The globs of paint were so inviting, lined up beside one another and yet, not mixed.


The class I signed up for was titled “Talking to the Moon,” which mirrored the theme of the painting.  When you sign up for a class, you also choose what design you will be painting, as a group, with an instructor leading.  The difficulty of the designs range from child appropriate to complex, so you kind of know what to expect of your final product.

When the instructor put up the sample painting, I thought there was no way mine was going to be at all similar, but I was happily surprised.  She explained what order to place the colors on the canvas as well as how long to let it dry.  While I thought her instructions were clear, I found it slightly difficult to keep up with the instructor’s pace and a little frustrated I didn’t have more time to add more “me” into the final project.  Frustration aside, my favorite part of the painting was definitely the trees.  Each painter around me had different branches, some thick and some thin, creating unique versions.  While there isn’t much room for artistic freedom, the idea is a great way to get less comfortable painters more familiar with the process, so eventually they can create their little masterpieces on their own.  Plus, it’s a better alternative to watching t.v. on your free Saturday.

Here’s my before and after picture!

IMG_0977.JPG              IMG_0983.JPG

Three of a kind: My mom’s, my own, and my sister’s painting


P.S. Pinot’s Palette just received free advertising.

-Stephanie Montalti


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