Duck Which Will Get You Engaged, Probably


Coarse sea salt (IMPORTANT — NOT FINE)

Pepper (Grind it yourself!)

Duck breast

Potatoes (Ideally fingerlings)

Mushrooms (If you should come across chanterelles, I recommend. Anything works, though)

Shallots (optional)

Arugula (for serving)


  1. Season the duck generously with the salt and pepper on both sides. Really, be generous. It isn’t too much salt, trust me. Meanwhile, boil the potatoes in heavily salted water.
  2. Heat a pan on medium-low. Once it is hot, place the duck breast in, skin side down, and cook for 20-25 minutes. While it cooks, periodically drain and reserve the fat that renders (I put it in a Pyrex container usually). If you let it build up, it will poach the duck, and you won’t get that indulgent rare inside. This is a necessary step.
  3. When the skin side is nice and crispy, turn the heat to medium high and flip the duck. Cook it on this side for 2-4 minutes. You are going for a fabulously crispy outside and a deeply rare inside. You want extremes, here.
  4. Take the duck out of the pan and let it rest on a cutting board.
  5. Put the boiling potatoes with the mushrooms in the pan and pour the reserved duck fat on. Sauté on medium until the mushrooms are cooked to your liking. Throwing in some shallots here will not hurt.
  6. Slice the duck breast and serve this baby with lots of arugula and red wine, and good bread and butter to dip in all that duck fat. If you did everything right, it shouldn’t need any finishing salt/pepper or anything . Note that its okay if your wine is shitty, because you will hardly be paying attention to it, between the wholly indulgent, juicy bites of duck, and the person you cooked the duck for getting down on their knee and proposing. Honestly. IMG_2051.jpg



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