Ok so—in the spirit of unbirthdays, here’s your weekly un-greeting. Heh. What exactly that entails—I have no idea, yet. Just roll with it.



Events, Updates, and Deadlines:

  • Join CUNY students at the 2018 March for Science on Saturday, April 14th in Washington Square Park. More information here.
  • Enter the CUNY Photo Challenge for April. The deadline is April 25th. Check out the official rules here.
  • Juniors: Apply Early to Teach For America. Application details here.
  • Interested in a City government internship? Read more here.
  • The New York Times is looking for interns. View student opportunities here.
  • Confused about what to do with your degree? On Tuesday April 24th 12:30-2pm the Magner Career Center and School of Humanities and Social Sciences will be hosting the Careers and Internships for Liberal Arts Majors Panel.
  • Taxes are due on April 17th. Find out if you can claim a credit for educational expenses here.
  • Looking for something cute? Something inspiring? Look at this beautiful Instagram page for more about the stray cats of Flatbush.

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Part 2 of our 2017 recap series: Fetty, Storm and Mani. It’s easy to find a reason to say “we can’t take them in” from a distance, but when injured kittens are just sitting on the sidewalk all of that goes out the window. I carried Mani home in my arms because we already had six foster kittens and every single trap/carrier was already being used. I whispered “it’s going to be ok” into her ear over and over again as we walked, though I was terrified that she would get scared and jump away. (I still hold her close and whisper in her ear every day, we both find it quite calming). What seemed like a dark time for us ended up being one of the most beautiful and impactful experiences of my life. You helped us find a way. Just when we needed it most, caring strangers from around the world stepped in and saved these guys with support, donations, supplies and good vibes. I will never, ever forget that. Thank you. 🙏🏼🎶: @odesza . . . . . #flatbushcats #fosteringsaveslives #trapneuterreturn #tnr #spayneuter #spayandneuter #colonycaretaker #kittens #nyckittens #brooklynkittens #rescuekittens #catrescue #adoptdontshop #adoptme #catdude #animalrescue #savealife #thinkadoptionfirst #brooklyncats #catsofny #furbaby #flatbush #brooklyn #communitycats #kittenrescue

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And on that note, consider fostering or adopting an animal here. Or make a donation to Flatbush Cats here. And if you’re wondering what the brilliant song in the video is–see here.



Anyways, I hope your Spring Break was everything you hoped it would be! Cherish the lull before your next midterm, and be sure to take a moment to celebrate your unbirthday. You only have 364 of them each year!


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