Searching for Food in the Sooner State


Lots of Mexican food, chips, chocolate, and coke. If you couldn’t guess and I wouldn’t expect you to, I’m in Oklahoma, the most exciting place for Spring Break.  Since arriving in Oklahoma, I have never been more concerned about what to eat for lunch or dinner.

Ok, Oklahoma isn’t terrible and the people are pleasant, but I’m getting sick of eating fast food. The biggest culture shock since being here is not being able to walk anywhere. The nearest restaurants to the hotel are only 5 minutes away, but you’d have to walk on the highway. Not having a car is a serious struggle but thankfully services like Uber, Lyft, and Ubereats are available, or I’d really starve. I made the mistake of taking a taxi from the airport, instead of an Uber, and I am regretful. I was charged $100 compared to the $20 my friends paid for the ride.

I never thought I’d say I wasn’t in the mood for Mexican food, but after eating it a couple of days in a row, my stomach is telling me otherwise. While my food options aren’t very diverse, I’ve enjoyed the company of my friends.

img_7711.jpgThis pretty plate was unfortunately disappointing…my dad makes better brisket.

Two of my favorite eating experiences were with a group of friends. At Interrurban restaurant, I enjoyed a much-desired juicy burger; Covered in swiss cheese, barbeque sauce and honey pepper bacon on a brioche bun the burger did not disappoint.  I was also able to get sweet potato fries, which are my favorite.  Our waiter, Nathan, was also very sweet and was probably thrilled he was serving a table of 20 people. He also wished us all a nice life, considering he wasn’t going to see us again.


My other favorite eating experience was at Mexican food place called Mama Rajo’s. When we asked to sit on the patio outside, since the temperature was about 70 degrees, I was expecting a long wait, but again I had to remember this was not NYC. After being seated, I enjoyed some floutas, rice, and beans. Straight ahead was a beautiful view of Lake Hefner and the sunset. I watched the cotton candy skies as I munched on chips. When I left for Oklahoma, I wasn’t expecting to see much more than flat plains.


Although Yelp has let me down a bit, since most of the high sodium and fried food places I ate at were highly recommended, I was glad to have visited a state I’d probably never travel to.  It made me realize how incomparable New York truly is and the different ways of life across the country.  I am so happy to be back home, greeted with prosciutto bread, cold cuts, and bagels.


-Stephanie Montalti

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