The prerequisites for writing a piece in the Canvas section are that one must be “focusing on a visual art piece (paintings, sculpture, etc.) or visual artists that [one] find[s] interesting.” I know this. But, I also know that a “visual art piece” and a “visual artist” can be just about anything or anyone. As a writer, I’ve learned to identify the ambiguity in such terms, and in this ambivalence bring certainty. With this understanding, I’ve decided to pick mother nature as the “visual artist.” So, again, this means that just about anything and everything can be a “visual art piece.” But, I won’t be that messy. I’ll stick to something more practical (not to say there exists something which isn’t practical), but, practical in the sense of my taste for this piece.

So, with all of Mother Nature at my disposal, what will I choose? Me being me, well, I’ll choose the great cosmos of course. Now, before I begin, I want to clear something up. Some of you might be thinking, “uh, if these are photos of space, doesn’t that mean the photographer is the real ‘visual artist?'” I’m going to argue no, and that’s simply because in the context of this piece… well, what other way do we have to visually observe space? These photographs act as the “collective-eye” that allows us to view space. So in other words, the humans who’ve taken these photographs are part of the mechanistic process of being able to view space. Also, we didn’t “create” the intricacies we’re looking at, the anthropomorphized nature did.

Now, although much can be said about each individual “piece,” I’ve decided to omit any information (besides their respective names) on the premise that, well, I’d prefer it if the pictures were your only source of instructions as to what to think and feel. So, if possible, please give each picture at least 30 seconds of your time – and get lost in the wonder.

This first piece is titled the “Rosette Nebula”

The Iris Nebula

This is known as the “Iris Nebula”

This one is titled the “Spaghetti Nebula”

This one is known as the “Carina Nebula”

Hubble Bubble

This one, the “Hubble Bubble”

The “Heart Nebula”

These are known as the “Heart and Soul” nebulae in the Cassiopeia constellation

Image result for pillars of creation
And of course, the “Pillars of Creation” (or a portion of the Eagle Nebula)

(For more information on any of these photos you can simply google the names).

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