How to Handle Criticism Like a Champ

Whether we’ve asked for it or not—criticism can be a hard pill to swallow. That said, here’s some tips on how to deal with it:

1. Don’t React Immediately

Suppress the urge to response viciously—and just take a moment to process what was said.


2. Remember: Nobody’s Perfect

Keep in mind—the person giving your criticism isn’t without fault nor are they saying they are. Stop yourself from turning it around on them.


3. Try to Understand

More often than not—criticism is a good thing.  Give the source of this criticism the benefit of the doubt, and try to thoughtfully consider their point of view.


4. Stay Calm—and Just Say “Thank you”

You don’t have to agree with the criticism—but you should still be pleasant. Don’t be defensive; just briefly express your appreciation.


5. Take the Next Step

Use the constructive criticism for your own benefit—the first step to improving yourself is to be aware of your weaknesses. Don’t let it all be for nought!





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