Alien Heart

My relationships end in a slow, uncertain drag of yearning, begging, and muffled grief. They are the most fantastic forms of dieting. No matter how hard I try, I cannot eat.

Did you know that

Aliens have hearts


Not where you think.


The heart of an alien can be found beneath the press of your palm, but your palm cannot be resting on the alien’s chest. Their breasts are just breasts, hiding nothing but fat tissue, blood vessels, and muted cells of cancer.

If you place your palm against the under-swell of their tummy, then there you will find a soft jolt of feeling.

This is why aliens cannot eat when they are grieving. Broken hearts digesting sadness, anger, confusion, thoughts of why don’t you want mehave no room for crumbs and splinters of food.



You should feel jealous of an alien

Because, when they are happy

And eating good food

It touches their heart directly.

A mother’s soup splashing at the walls of their belly, cooking their heart until it begins to glow that burnt bronze, shedding amber light on all the balled up shadows of anxiety festering like cobwebs… everything begins to melt.


You should feel jealous of aliens.

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