Good morning again, readers.

I am really drained today. I always found that to be a vivid expression, one I try not to use too regularly, so as to preserve its perceived gravitas. It just paints this immediate image in my head, of life sullenly skunking its way through the tiny holes of a grate. I don’t want the image to slip into normality. Conor Oberst has this great line in his song Til St. Dymphna Kicks Us Out,

“Oh, you don’t have to lie, say you’re alright
We’re just happy that you’re here
But if you yell and tell me to go to hell
Well at least you’d sound sincere.”

This line is always on my mind when I think that I feel drained. The connection is that there is no point in saying you’re doing well and pretending to be a chipper lifestyle blogger when in fact, you ate cereal for all three meals today and you kind of hate lifestyle bloggers. I’m weak today! And my greetings will be too. It’s okay.

  • Tuesday at 12, the Financial Aid Office is hosting a forum about financing your summer education. The forum is taking place in the West Quad Building.
  • When you finish at the forum, you could go to music by the lily pond, a concert starting at one.
  • Besides that, there are many other cool-looking concerts this week. I can’t say I’ve ever actually been to a BC concert myself…but I would be willing…possibly…
  • 42nd Annual Costas Memorial Lecture Presents Stanford Professor Walter Scheidel. I don’t even know what to say about this one but it may be worth checking out.
  • If you are still deciding on your classes for next term, you may want to consider Professor Phillips’ Advanced Seminar in Creative Writing. It is a capstone seminar with focus on both experimentation and the development of personal style through writing exercises, workshops, short readings, and individual conferences. Find it on CUNYFirst!
  • If you don’t have poetry to bring, write a poem! It is fun, sometimes.
  • Watch Childish Gambino’s new music video, called This Is America.

You can still follow me on Instagram, but I was lying last week about the “avoiding gluten” thing. I am passionate about gluten, if we’re being honest.


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