The Strangers: Poorly Made Sequel


I can admit that I am a stubborn person. Two months ago, the movie The Strangers: Prey at Night came out. I begged my friends to go see it with me but they refused. They cited Rotten Tomato ratings and poor word of mouth. However, I persisted and this week finally got to see the movie that everyone was telling me was terrible. Turns out they were 100% right.

I don’t know where to start. The premise of the film is that a family is having one last vacation together before shipping off their daughter to boarding school. During this vacation, they are attacked by three masked killers. The crime the daughter committed that is forcing her parents to sent her to boarding school is never mentioned. There is a slight mention of “cutting class” and “smoking”. What kind of parents just give up on their daughter like that. We don’t live with these terrible parents for long because they are first to be killed. The mother is murdered in front of the daughter but the scene lacks any emotion because of the aforementioned attempted abandoning of the daughter.


I need one thing from a slasher movie. I need to feel like the survivors are actually trying to survive. Until about the last 15 minutes of the film, this family has assisted in their own murder by splitting up, forgetting their cellphones, and refusing to shoot someone who just murdered their parents.

All I kept thinking during the film was another film. Get Out has been written about extensively for the blog before. You can read that here. In Get Out we have a protagonist who the audience can trust. We know that he can get himself out of the situation that he is in. He is very easy to root for. That is all I ask in a horror film. Please give me characters to root for. Please.

-Brayan De Los Rios Guisao

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