5Dmk2-20110807-4174It’s With great sadness I must say

The Boylan Blog has gone away

Fret not fair reader we will return

But for the summer we must adjourn.


So, it’s bitter sweet, but we must say that the Boylan Blog is going to take a break for the summer.


I don’t know what everyone is planning to do with their summers but I will take some time to describe my own summer. I am going to be studying for the dreaded MCATs. They may sound like fun because the CAT is definitely part of MCAT but that is probably the most fun part about them.


My schedule shall look something like this:


Wake up at 6AM


6:15-6:30 Shower, brush my teeth, brush my teeth again to make sure I did the first time.


6:30-7:00 Make breakfast for everyone




12:00-2:15 Head on down to my gym for some fun mixed martial arts to let me brain breathe


2:15-3:00 Get home, and eat quickly. Fortify myself for another round of studying.




8:00-10:00 Read my book of the week and prepare for bed time


Rinse and Repeat.


So basically that’s the majority of my summer. On the bright side I do have a super duper fun trip to Italy planned too! I think it’s going to make the rest of my summer bearable. Law of averages right, some days have to be great some have to be not as great.


I do genuinely hope everyone’s finals go amazingly though. Like really really great. I know everyone probably feels really stressed right now but I believe in our ability to manage to do JUST ENOUGH to pass. I hope the two all-nighters we have planned will negate the four months of slacking we planned beforehand.


Now, we have prepared a few of our best works to stay up here during the summer. These are the true gems, gems I tell you. I hope you like them.


Enjoy your summer,



Mictian “The Best Bang Since the Big One” Carax sexually harassed a college professor for the last time on May 15th 2018. She died of a heart attack en route to Burger King. She was 33.

Mictian was born to a man and a woman under dubious circumstances in August of 1984. They wish to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation.

She is survived by her husband of 18 years the newly eligible bachelor Sergio Navas, whose constant love and support far exceeded what Mictian deserved. Additionally, she is survived by two brothers and two sisters who will rightly continue to besmirch her memory whenever they are not hitting the sauce.

Mictian’s employment was spotty and under FBI surveillance: gas station attendant, cleaning woman, and for the last year corrupting the youth of Borough of Manhattan Community College as an English tutor. There are two people there who will speak of her fondly because they’ve been paid to.

Mictian died knowing that size matters, that Morrissey is the shit, that the West is the best, and despite all evidence to the contrary that Iggy Pop and Freddy Kruger are not the same person.

Her regrets were many, but do not include pumping her arteries full of fat and extra cheese. Her philosophy regarding food was, “Heart do what you will. I’ve already won.”

Her body will be donated to science in the hopes that she will finally give back to society.

The memorial service will be held at midnight in Adams Funeral Home in Compton, CA. Anyone with an alcohol level below the legal limit will not be allowed in.

-Mictian Carax

Poem of the Week: “Nature’s Company” by Stephanie Montalti

An analysis of Wordsworth’s “I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud” with a response poem about myself, the poem, and my love. 

Magic Hat: “Language: A Retrospective” by Monica Saw-Aung

A series of vignettes looking back at my life through the medium of language in its various forms: spoken, seen, or sung. 

Currently Eating: “Abadabas” by Marie Pruitt

One girl’s journey through her obsession with her favorite egg-shaped fruit.

Currently Watching: “Abejoye” by Fortunate Ekwuruke

A reflection on a movie that drew me back into generations of culture. 

Currently Watching: “Greetings, Prophet: Tony Kushner’s Angels in America, Revived” by Salvatore Casto

A theatre review of Tony Kushner’s epic piece revived on Broadway. 

Poem of the Week: “about a body” by Emily Costantino

5 of my favorite poems about embodiment and one of my own.

Poem of the Week: “Rupi Kaur: Relatable Wordsmith or Annoying Spewer of Pleasantries?” by Maryam Choudhary

An attempt at Insta poetry.

Poem of the Week: “Spanglish” by Brayan De Los Rios Guisao

Currently Watching: “The Joy Givers” by Amanda Jerido-Katz

Three incredibly self-possessed women I constantly watch and re-watch to lift myself up.

Illuminations: “A Cloudy Epipany” by Richard Gonzalez

The resemblence of a star lost in space to a voice lost in time.


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