Why NoBody lies

Humans have learned to communicate thoughts, feelings, and ideas via numerous methods. From sounds and noises intertwined with meanings, to the language of sign, one not spoken, but understood with hand gestures meticulously chosen, as well as written symbols, whether they be letters or characters, encapsulate cultures in an atemporal capsule that makes up what we typically perceive as language (for an interesting “spoken” language, look at Sylbo, a language comprised of whistling). However, one of the underlying truths that seems to restrain nearly every language (except for mathematics) from being universally known, or spoken, is, as redundant as it may seem, the lack of being universally practiced.

Yet, there is one more language that isn’t spoken, that isn’t typically used to intentionally communicate information, and more importantly, that is universal. That language is the language of the body – conventionally known as body language.

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Reading body language is something that some consider impossible to learn. This is because it is a rather difficult school of knowledge one can test and master, whether it be the reading of bodily, facial, or paraverbal cues – paraverbal cues meaning how one says words (which includes tone of voice, for example). Interestingly enough, there are people that to do this in order to subject themselves to less strife or discord, people such as tourists. Often times, when you find yourself in a new country, surrounded by a language alien to you, you’ll learn that the best way to go about finding your hotel or a restaurant, for example, is to simply ask a local. You will find that more times than not, you’ll approach a person that appears to be friendly and well, approachable, as opposed to someone that isn’t. But why is this? Well, it’s simple really – you read their body language, knowingly or not. You pick up on the bodily cues of the man that’s sitting with an umbrella, legs spread, reading a book, as being non-threatening, and almost, welcoming, as opposed to the lady that just hurriedly crossed your path with her head down. No words were spoken, no signs or symbols were deciphered, yet, you understood.

There are also some who read body language to simply make money – and lots of it. I’m referring to poker players of course. Many, if not all, poker players have inescapably heard the idiom along the lines of “never play your cards, but the cards of your opponents.” In other words, you want to know what cards your opponents are playing, so that you know when you have the winning hand, when you don’t, when you should bluff, and when you shouldn’t. In poker, reading body language is colloquially understood as reading tells. And it’s in the name, you’re “reading” what their body is “telling” you, whether it be a shift in their eyes, a scratch to the back of their neck, or anything really. Some have tried to work around this by wearing sunglasses to hide the tells their eyes give off.

2013 PCA_25K High Roller_Day 2
Professional Poker Player – Phil Hellmuth
Image result for Connor Drinan
Professional Poker Player – Drinan Conan


Image result for poker player shades
Poker Player – Comical Person

The beautiful, yet horrifying, thing about body language is that if one understands it, understands how to manipulate it, and understands how it’ll influence others, it can be used it to fake any aspect of ones life. I’ll use myself for example (emphasis on “for example”), it’s completely possible that because of past circumstances, or past interests, that I’ve learned to express specific bodily cues to arise specific emotions or thoughts from those I’m interacting with. To lead anyone, or everyone, to believe that I’m a docile, at times timid, and modest person. “But why” you may ask, “why do any of that, why fake any of that,” well, it can be many things really, it can be to gain trust, to be accepted, or simply for the fun of it. Again, emphasis on “example.” In poker, this is often times called bluffing – pretending you have a certain hand when you don’t in order to win the round at play.

I’ll cut the post “short” and conclude it with some novice “tells” you can begin to read up on. Though, keep in mind, it is important to understand the differences between someone’s habitual tendencies, and responsive, or “telling,” gestures, as well as understanding that some responsive movements are just that, instinctive responses. Like I said, it’s an arduous and complicated language to learn to read.

Body Language - Arms
Body Language - Mouth

Body Language - Eyes

Body Language - Posture
-Richard Gonzalez
A Silent Infinity, Infinitely Destroying

What would you do if you knew you were about to die? Would you live the remaining days of your life to the fullest, doing everything you could possibly dream of, or would you simply accept it and calmly await the inevitable? What if you knew that you’d die an extremely slow death? In fact, such a slow death that everyone you knew would pass before you, and everyone they knew, and so on and so forth to, let’s say, the 5th generation. Let’s go to the extreme, what if I told you your death would be so slow, you’d watch the entirety of the universe fade out of existence? Well, this is now a possibility, although an improbable one.

Before I get to the core of this piece, let me first introduce some things. There are “objects” in our universe called black holes. They are infinity made physical, visible, real. They are the darkest thing in existence – because of their reputation of holding every beam of light that interacts with it hostage, indefinitely. In other words, if you shine your flashlight into it, the light won’t reflect back, won’t bounce as it tends to act, and more importantly, won’t exist (at least as we perceive it). But not just light, anything, and I mean anything, that passes it’s event horizon (it’s point of no return), will be lost, forever. As far as we understand it, the center, also known as the singularity, is understood to be a point, with infinite density, infinite gravity, and infinite darkness. They are the never-ending silence that follows the roaring death of titanic stars.

stephen hawking physics GIF


Now, with the boring stuff out of the way, let’s dive into the news section of this post. An even bigger, scarier version of black holes is also part of our reality, something called supermassive black holes – and, as their imaginative name depicts, they are, well, colossal black holes. Interestingly enough, these were believed to only be found in the center of galaxies, but, after recent studies of our galaxy, it is believed that there, in fact, may be roaming supermassive black holes, approximately 12 to be exact. An infinitely destructive force, quietly wondering the night sky – it’s almost beautiful that such a monstrosity exists. Using supercomputers, as well as a new, “state-of-the-art cosmological simulation called ROMULUS25,” researchers mapped the movement, speed, and direction of our galactic neighbors and came to this conclusion. The gif below is a good indicator of how massive black holes truly are.

Related image


Anyways, back to the questions at hand. Earlier, you might’ve asked yourself what I meant pertaining to watching the universe “fade out of existence.” Well, this is where reality gets fun and scary, and fun. Time as we understand it is easily influenced by mass. In fact, so much so that if you were to have an object of a large enough mass beside you, you’re clock would tick slower, relative to someone who isn’t in your vicinity. This means that if you were to fall into a supermassive black hole, an object with infinite density, you’d be able to watch the rest of the universe play itself out. The interesting thing is that from an outside perspective, you’d appear to be moving unbelievably slowly, so slow in fact that your fall into the black hole would appear to stop. One more thing, in the process of falling into said black hole, your body would undergo something termed spaghettification which, well… I’m sure you can imagine what it means (your entire body is stretched to the point where you are nothing but a stream of atoms).

Image result for spaghettification gif

Source: http://www.astronomy.com/news/2018/04/the-milky-ways-supermassive-black-hole-has-siblings


Boogeyman Walks Into The Light


A boogeyman terrorized California from 1976 to 1986. He is believed to have committed 12 murders and 51 rapes along with over 100 burglaries. Then just as sudden as he appeared, he disappeared. What didn’t go away was the fear he instilled in California. Victims were always wondering if he would come back one day. The family members of those he murdered left without any closure.

That is until this week. After forty years the Sacramento Police have finally arrested the Golden State Killer. He was also known as the East Area Rapist, Original Night Stalker, and the Diamond Knot Killer. Now we know his real name is Joseph DeAngelo. He was a former cop who quit the force after being caught shoplifting a hammer and dog repellant. It didn’t shock me that he was a cop since he was able to elude capture for so many years. He was well aware of how to manipulate the system that was trying to catch him. He committed his crimes across different counties which at the time did not communicate with one another. What did shock me was his current place of residence and where he was arrested. He was arrested less than ten miles where the first rape took place. The fucking disgusting nerve of this creep. The confidence he had to still be living in the same neighborhood that he traumatized.

Many had lost hope that the Golden State Killer would be found. It is common in California for serial killers to escape into the shadows, never to be caught. For example, the police still have not caught the infamous Zodiac Killer. Hopefully, the capture of Joseph DeAngelo gives some kind of closure to the victims and their families. He is no longer a boogeyman. He is a 72-year-old man who won’t be able to hurt anyone anymore. Hopefully, the case will go by quickly and he can spend the rest of his life behind bars.

One person who did not get the chance to receive closure was true crime writer Michelle McNamara. She spends years writing a book on the Golden State Killer with hopes it would increase interest on the case. She passed away before she could finish her book, but it was completed posthumously. In it she writes

“One day soon, you’ll hear a car pull up to your curb, an engine cut out. You’ll hear footsteps coming up your front walk. Like they did for Edward Wayne Edwards, twenty-nine years after he killed Timothy Hack and Kelly Drew, in Sullivan, Wisconsin. Like they did for Kenneth Lee Hicks, thirty years after he killed Lori Billingsley, in Aloha, Oregon.

The doorbell rings.

No side gates are left open. You’re long past leaping over a fence. Take one of your hyper, gulping breaths. Clench your teeth. Inch timidly toward the insistent bell.

This is how it ends for you.

“You’ll be silent forever, and I’ll be gone in the dark,” you threatened a victim once.

Open the door. Show us your face. Walk into the light.”

-“I’ll Be Gone in the Dark: One Woman’s Obsessive Search for the Golden State Killer”

-Brayan De Los Rios Guisao


Whoops! “Pro-Choice” Candidate Has An Anti-Abortion Facebook History

In February, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee endorsed Juanita Perez Williams–a former prosecutor and candidate running for the House of Representatives–as their candidate for New York’s 24th Congressional district. Yes, this is not very interesting news, however, it gets better:

Despite being endorsed by the Democratic Party as well as by the pro-choice group EMILY’s list–Perez Williams has actually gone to great lengths to describe her anti-choice views on social media:





Weird–here she is at pro-choice EMILY’s List Gala last week:


When The Intercept reached out to Perez Williams regarding her anti-choice Facebook posts, she insisted that her personal views differed from her professional ones:

I believe 100% in women’s right to choose and will always defend and protect that right. I further believe that women should have access, funding, and education with regard to their reproductive health and therefore I will advocate for and defend organizations like Planned Parenthood. Like many women, my personal beliefs on the issue of choice have been shaped by my life experiences, both as a Hispanic and a Catholic and as a mother and a grandmother. My own personal opinions are far more nuanced then some people would like you to believe. I will always vote to support the choice of all women.

I can’t say I’m surprised by this revelation, but I do have some questions. Why is a pro-choice organization (knowingly) endorsing a pro-life candidate? As a Democrat, is having a pro-life candidate a reasonable expectation? Are politicians allowed to change their fundamental positions? Are some candidates allowed to keep their views on abortion personal, while others are free to politicize theirs? And how dumb does Perez Williams think we are–that she can just jump ship and not say a word about it to the electorate? It’s wild to say the least.





What about… currently tasting?


I thought, for longer than I’d like to admit, about how I should start this post. I knew it wasn’t going to be about a dish I grew up eating that kneaded the amorphous dough of my future, or about a taste that could only be compared to the indescribability of a color. So, I decided on this, like a thought salad, to just throw it in and hope it doesn’t ruin the taste of the post. Now, I know what you’re probably thinking, “wow, I didn’t know I could get tired of someone this quickly, he just doesn’t stop shoving this horrible food lexicon down our throats.” Well, I’ll admit that I was also getting tired of it so I’ll stop it now before it gets stale. Okay, okay, that was the last one.

Well, now that we’ve got the introduction out of the way we can proceed to the meat of this post. Damn, that quickly huh, Richard. Anyways, I’ve recently come to learn, thanks to my girlfriend, that I have four favorite animals or groups of animals. In order, they are as follows: cephalopods, arachnids, insects, and lizards. For those that don’t know, cephalopods consist of octopuses/octopi (yep, both are right), squids, cuttlefish, and a bunch of other alien looking critters. While arachnids consist of spiders/spidie (jussssst messsssing with ya, spiders isn’t a real word), scorpions, ticks, and a bunch of other alien…looking… critters…hmm, well then. I’m confident you’re all aware what constitutes an insect or a lizard. “But why Richard, why have you gone to the trouble of wasting your time, and ours, in telling us something as pointless as your favorite animals, or favorite ‘animal groups.’” Well, haven’t you ever wondered how other animals taste? Not what other animals taste like, but the method in which other animals taste. I mean, it’s not like every animal has a tongue… or do they? I’ll just go ahead and spoiiiil this by telling you that no, there, in fact, are animals that don’t have tongues. I’ll also spill the beans and tell you that we actually don’t taste with just our tongues.

Yes, I know I’m doing it again…

Anyways, this post is getting a little too long so I’ll cut to the chase. Octopi have taste sensors all over their bodies, and can also taste with their suction cups. Spiders are able to taste with their legs, as well as their pedipalps (those are those long claw-like hands they push things into their mouths with). Most insects taste the same way that spiders do, yucky and slim… I mean primarily with their legs, although some also taste with their bodies. Lizards… well, lizards taste with their tongues (believe it or not), although they do have other other taste sensors.

Well, what about us, what do we taste with? Many of us believe that we simply taste with our tongues. Some of us, trying to outsmart others, will add that “actually, we also incorporate the sense of smell when tasting.” Why, yes, that is very true, but did you also know that we also taste with the roof of our mouths and with our cheeks? Don’t believe me? Well, let me expl ding…welp, never mind, it looks like my food is ready.

A dish of thoughts, best served half asleep.



The prerequisites for writing a piece in the Canvas section are that one must be “focusing on a visual art piece (paintings, sculpture, etc.) or visual artists that [one] find[s] interesting.” I know this. But, I also know that a “visual art piece” and a “visual artist” can be just about anything or anyone. As a writer, I’ve learned to identify the ambiguity in such terms, and in this ambivalence bring certainty. With this understanding, I’ve decided to pick mother nature as the “visual artist.” So, again, this means that just about anything and everything can be a “visual art piece.” But, I won’t be that messy. I’ll stick to something more practical (not to say there exists something which isn’t practical), but, practical in the sense of my taste for this piece.

So, with all of Mother Nature at my disposal, what will I choose? Me being me, well, I’ll choose the great cosmos of course. Now, before I begin, I want to clear something up. Some of you might be thinking, “uh, if these are photos of space, doesn’t that mean the photographer is the real ‘visual artist?'” I’m going to argue no, and that’s simply because in the context of this piece… well, what other way do we have to visually observe space? These photographs act as the “collective-eye” that allows us to view space. So in other words, the humans who’ve taken these photographs are part of the mechanistic process of being able to view space. Also, we didn’t “create” the intricacies we’re looking at, the anthropomorphized nature did.

Now, although much can be said about each individual “piece,” I’ve decided to omit any information (besides their respective names) on the premise that, well, I’d prefer it if the pictures were your only source of instructions as to what to think and feel. So, if possible, please give each picture at least 30 seconds of your time – and get lost in the wonder.

This first piece is titled the “Rosette Nebula”

The Iris Nebula

This is known as the “Iris Nebula”

This one is titled the “Spaghetti Nebula”

This one is known as the “Carina Nebula”

Hubble Bubble

This one, the “Hubble Bubble”

The “Heart Nebula”

These are known as the “Heart and Soul” nebulae in the Cassiopeia constellation

Image result for pillars of creation
And of course, the “Pillars of Creation” (or a portion of the Eagle Nebula)

(For more information on any of these photos you can simply google the names).
My Home Is Dying… And So Is Yours


In four newly reported findings, U.N. scientists present the case that all across the world we are losing plant and animal life at an alarming rate. They argue that the primary reason for this is that as an intelligent species (wait, we’re the intelligent ones?), we have found ourselves at the top of food chain (arguably, have you seen those pesky mosquitoes?), and because of this we have also found ourselves crowding planet earth more and more. Needless to say, as the dominant species, if we require more space, we will find a way to obtain it. Furthermore, this means that we’re also destroying water and food resources to meet the human’s demands (if only we were cold-blooded!).

It is estimated that if the current rate of change occurring across the globe persists, the Americas will have 40% fewer plants and animals by 2050 than it did in the early 1700’s, and Asia-Pacific will lose 45% of its biodiversity by 2048. Moreover, In Africa, 20% of its species are now threatened, endangered or have already gone extinct, while 28% of the species found in Europe are now threatened.


Following recent news that the infamous Great Pacific Garbage Patch is now more than twice as big as Texas, covering 600 thousand square miles (also perceivable as twice the size of France, or three times the size of California), along with the ever-warming planet threaten the melting ice caps pass a point of no return, we are finding ourselves in a time where action must be taken. (I can’t help but feel like we’re in a race against ourselves to see how fast we can destroy our planet… the irony is that if we win, we lose.)

With planet earth now in the palm of our hands, we need to tread lightly – before it falls and crumbles.


-Richard Gonzalez


Six-Inch Mummy confirmed to be Human

_100532500_82021f49-cc39-4c90-a6e3-74999d0bf2ea (1)

It is hard for me to look at the above image and not think of aliens. When I was a kid I was obsessed with aliens. I would read science-fiction and hope for the day where we would receive prove that life truly existed in the stars above. When I learned that scientists had found a six-inch mummy with a cone-shaped head, I held my breath. I prayed that it wasn’t some type of hoax.

Unfortunately, Ata is not an alien. She is a human who tragically, yet most likely, died shortly after birth. She is named Ata after the Atacama region in Chile where she was found. She had multiple mutations in her genes that caused her to be born with abnormalities. Scientists also say that her body is probably 40 years old.

Professor Garry Nolan who studies Ata sums it up best:

“While this started as a story about aliens, and went international – it’s really a story of a human tragedy. A woman had a malformed baby, it was preserved in a manner and then “hocked”, or sold.”

-Brayan De Los Rios Guisao

It’s been a weird week for the internet


I, alongside millions of other Americans, briefly grieved the deactivation of a beloved cultural icon and emblem of the age of Internet Idealism: Craigslist’s Missed Connections. In response to the Senate’s vote to pass the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (FOSTA), which holds website platforms liable for hosting sex trafficking content, Craigslist, alongside other major internet forums such as Reddit, began rapidly adopting their websites to meet the newly imposed standards.In a statement posted to Craigslist, the company said it did not want to jeopardize its business by continuing to accept personal ads. The follow statement appears when ever a user clicks on any of the category links under the “Personals” column of their site:


President Trump is expected to sign the bill as soon as this week, and as a result we are likely to see websites and services adopt stricter controls and policy over what’s posted on their platforms.

It all seems like a very small price to pay for an anti-sex trafficking bill, which aims to protect the welfare of children. Many agree, standing with the act, while others do not trust that it will produce its alleged results, arguing FOSTA will only make the internet less safe as voluntary sex-workers will be forced deeper into the dark web. Reactions are mixed, triggering a complicated but important debate. Despite the divisiveness, one thing remains clear as day: the internet collectively mourned the cessation of Missed Connection with a type of nostalgia for a time that never truly existed.

Missed Connections, since it’s inception in 1995, quickly became the mascot for a ripe and newly emerging era of hope and unfounded opportunity: the halcyon days of Internet idealism, where you could buy the unthinkable, where you could learn about anything, and where a large world could suddenly become much smaller and more connected at the click of your mouse. In its purest form, Connections was another way to memorialize a fleeting moment, a brief and otherwise forgotten encounter could now become (virtually) sediment — Cute Brunette Girl Reading on 4 Train, White Floral Dress, Headed Uptown, You Asked Me What Song Was Playing, Smiles Shared, M4W. Once the invitation was sent out into the void, the interweb ether, your days became partially motivated by this pending fantasy. And sometimes the fantasy was fulfilled, but more often than not the posts would go unanswered.

Connections was not prized for its functionality — although there are rare stories of reunions and partnerships made through the Craigslist personal ads — but for its ingenuity of collapsing the forlorn days of anonymity and reliance on newspaper advertisements, with the hyperactive, futuristic present. Connections pioneered internet voyeurism (an emerging motif of the millennium), where the mundanity of the Other becomes grossly interesting, where their personal hope could inspire your personal hope, a collective hope.

Amidst breeches of national cyber-security, net neutrality and Zuckerberg’s pleas to not #deleteFacebook, the excavation of Craigslist’s personal ads came as the final farewell to the internet as we knew it. But this mourning didn’t last long. Within days Craigslist responded to the outcry by reactivating Missed Connections under the category of “Community.” With tears dried and breath restored I, alongside millions of other Americans, remain clung to a lingering shred of prenatal internet hope. Refusing to submit to complete distrust.



I don’t know what it takes for society to accept someone as an artist. Honestly, I don’t know what it takes for society to accept someone as a person. But, I do know that individually we can each handpick the things we like (whatever the reason may be), and in turn, have them define us (which in turn partly defines society). This is something that makes all of us unique, an important aspect of a society striving to develop, the presence of uniqueness and the absence of sameness. Needless to say, whether or not someone has been accepted by society as an artist, nor whether or not they have been subjected to the many pressures of scrutiny and critique should there creations be considered any less grand or less imposing. Why? Well, I’ll argue that it’s simple really. Every artist shares that impulse, or yearn, to bring to material that which they dream or don’t dream, that which they feel or don’t feel, that which feeds their hunger or hollows their fantasies, lights their darkness or darkens their light. Simply put, every artist has an incentive, even the moments of spontaneity, the ones most free from form or design, resolve to be just that, spontaneous.

All in all, with that being said, here are some creations from someone that society might simply call a person, but I call an artist.

These are all untitled (as of now, or forever, only one person truly knows), but, that doesn’t mean I can’t give them their own temporary titles.

Red Eyes
That Wasn’t Funny
Collusion In A Dream


Fighting To Be Crumbled


The Ocean


2 Is An Odd Number


Bun Bun


Again, I want to emphasize the titles you see under the works of art are not legitmate. They are simply words of my choosing.

Oh, I almost forgot, the artist’s name is Andrea Elizabeth Peralta. Although originally from Ecuador, she has lived most of her life in the city of New York. She’s said to be found more times than not adventuring through the hidden gems of New York with a shimmer in her eyes and a drawing book in her bag. And, although elusive, she’s also been spotted on our very own campus! *cue spooky music*


Oh, I should also note I wrote a piece with this person in mind sometime last semester. It was titled Loving You (under the category of Poem of the Week), and I dedicated it to my girlfriend.


-Richard Gonzalez

A Cloudy Epiphany

There are cosmos’ filled with things we never had a chance to say – pulsating stars acting as voiceless words – guiding us back to our child, labyrinthine selves.

Just as our inexperienced, childish minds haphazardly searched for the right things to say to only find darkness, so do our adult minds – to only find silence.

A myriad of stars, gone dark, akin to a myriad of voices, gone mute.

But what do we do, what do we do when we hear a voice that never had a chance to speak, and it’s the one voice you know best – yours. Do you welcome it, or do you turn it away… Do you fear its potential, or do you grasp its reality.


You do both.

You fear its reality while grasping its potential.

The potential of a sunrise.

The fear of a sunset.

Of a warmth that chills you.

Of a silence that deafens you.


Because if not… you will be nothing more than

A voice, circling a lost mind, screaming to be heard, like a sun, circling a black hole, radiating to be seen.